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Abacus Archaeological Services is a professionally licensed archaeological consultancy that aims to provide high quality services for all cultural heritage needs.

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Archaeological Framework in Ontario

The Ontario Heritage Act and many municipalities require that an archaeological assessment be conducted as part of the development process. These assessments are done in compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture standards and guidelines, who govern and licence archaeological practice in the province, in order to ensure that valuable cultural heritage resources are not impacted during the development process. MOTC standards require all archaeological work to be completed by a professionally licensed archaeologist.

Stage 1 - Background Assessment

A background assessment of available historical and archival records, archaeological sites...
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Stage 2 - Property Assessment

A property assessment in order to identify all archaeological resources that may be present...
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Stage 3 - Site-Specific Assessment

A Siteā€specific assessment in order to accurately determine the spatial extent of the...
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Stage 4 - Archaeological Excavation

A full archaeological excavation/mitigation of impact areas to document the site...
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